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    Get your personalized bids from several local haulers on an all inclusive price list

    What Is Garbage Market?

    Garbage Market is an online bidding marketplace specifically designed for people looking for the best prices on junk removal and dumpster rental services.

    Why Use Garbage Market?

    Our ideal user is someone who needs to get rid of junk or rent a dumpster that is looking to compare prices to make sure they’re getting the best deal. Garbage Market takes it one step further by allowing haulers to bid live on your hauling needs. This gives the customer their own personal bid proposal page with each haulers bid price, name and reviews (if they currently have any.) If you see a price you like simply click “choose winner” next to the price and GarbageMarket will instantly connect you with the hauler of your choice absolutely free.

    Junk removal price list

    Pickup truck for hire to haul junk away

    How Do I Use Garbage Market?

    First, you need to register and make your profile. This is easy and free.  1)You’ll be asked to make up a username. 2)Enter your email address.( or log in with Facebook) 3)Choose weather you’re a customer or a hauler.

    register form

    register form

    Where Do You Have To Live To Use Garbage Market?

    Currently, as long as you live in the United States or Canada you are free to get junk removal or dumpster rental prices or sign up as a trash hauler. There are locations mostly around major cities that have a lot more hauling companies ready to give you bids than in rural areas. If you don’t see your city when you’re posting your project just pick the nearest, Garbage Market will automatically use your address where you need hauling services along with GPS to alert hauling companies near you.

    Garbage Market GPS

    Garbage Market GPS
    Pickup truck for hire to haul junk away

    Get full service junk removal quotes from hauling companies near you. The right type of junk removal equipment when you want it, at the best price possible.  No project too big or too small.

    Types of junk removal vehicles ready to bid on your junk removal needs:

    Pickup trucks

    pickup truck with a trailers

    box trucks

    dump trucks

    semi trucks

    *Get more information on full service junk removal.

    Get dumpster rental quotes from hauling companies near you. The right size dumpster when you want it, at the best price available.  No project too big or too small.

    Sizes of dumpsters ready to be delivered for your hauling needs:

    10 yard dumpster

    20 yard dumpster

    30 yard dumpster

    40 yard dumpster

    *Get more information on dumpster rental sizes

    roll off dumpster truck for hire
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