Have you ever had a question for the garbage man?

Sure the question may sound a bit odd but in my years as a garbage man I’ve encountered just about every question you could think of asking the garbage man. I’ve been asked some fairly normal questions such as, “what can’t I throw away?” To “How much money does a garbage man make?” All the way to a little bit more creative questions:) such as, “Can I drive your garbage truck?” To “can you pull in my driveway so I can clean out my garage?”.

No seriously, ask any question…

I have a variety of experience in the waste removal industry. Everything from a garbage truck mechanic, route manager, residential driver, commercial driver, roll off driver even a brief shot in sales. So no matter the question you may have I have the answers you need and want. That doesn’t necessarily mean this will be the answer you were hoping for… Sometimes there are certain actions a garbage man may or may not take to get the point across.

Why does the garbage man put my cans upside down?

This is a very common question, and there are a few different reasons. One of which you won’t like. The first, and most likely reason is so your garbage cans don’t blow away in the wind. The circumference of the opening is ussaly larger making it more stable. The second reason, and hopefully not the case is that you had an unpleasant mess in your can possibly from not bagging up the garbage. Now when the can is placed upside down it’s not so it doesn’t blow away, it’s so whatever nasty mess is lurking in the can slowly falls out into the driveway or yard of the homeowner. ” Ask The Garbage Man” will give you honest answers to your questions.

This is just one of thousands of questions asked to garbage men every day. If you’d like a question answered feel free to leave a comment below or follow us for more answers to your questions. Or click here to find junk removal near you.


6 thoughts on “Ask The Garbage Man Anything?

  1. Hello Dianne, I’ve definitely heard quite a few customers with the exact same complaint as well as a few garbage men that have done this. Likley reason… Your garbage man gets paid by the stop and each stop has a garbage can limit as well as a size limit, any thing extra was swept off into the road. It’s possible it spiled into the road while he was dumping it, however it should have been cleaned up! Call and ask to speak to the route manager, he’ll clean it up as well as make sure it doesn’t happen again😀.

  2. Dianne says:

    My garbage can was a little bit over flowed so my garbage man just threw everything on the street. Why did he do that? I felt like he was passive aggressive about it too. Lol. Funny thing to wake up to !

  3. Hello Emma, the can of body spray is perfectly normal to throw away. Yes it is under pressure, however not enough to cause any harm if punctured. Also if you threw the canister away at a commercial business they most likely use a commercial front load dumpster or a roll off box / dumpster. Both of these style dumpsters when serviced keep the contents of the dumpster away from the garbagemen.

  4. Emma says:

    I accidentally threw away a 4 ounce aerosol can of body spray! I have been worried sick it will cause an explosion or something. I tried to tell the woman at the mall where I threw it out, and she said she would call the facilities people.

  5. Garbagemarket says:

    Hi Brad, the best thing I ever found was probably a almost brand new set of Ping golf clubs! They are crazy expensive. The owner who lived in a huge house in a gated community said he decided to get a new set. Lol

  6. Brad says:

    What’s the best thing you’ve ever found in the garbage?

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