Are you looking to get your junk removal or debris removal from craigslist labor gigs?

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Select your city and post your junk removal needs free with easy drop down boxes
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Local junk removal haulers near you will submit a bid to haul away your junk
If you get a price that fits your budget you can choose to be instantly connected with the hauler of your choice

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I have personally used craigslist labor gigs for my junk removal needs. It seems pretty easy, register your name and email, list your junk removal job and wait to get bids from local junk removal haulers in pickup trucks. 

Craigslist Labor Gigs Example

So why use Garbage Market to list your junk removal needs instead of craigslist labor gigs? Simple. We’ll use the project ” i need a pile of bricks hauled away” as an example. After listing your junk removal project on craigslist you start to receive emails from local junk removal haulers quoting you prices. ” I can do the job right now, $125″, “i have a pickup truck ready to go, $100″, ” I can do it tomorrow for $150 if you load them” How about all of the other emails… “how many bricks need hauled away?”, “how heavy are the bricks?” Okay, now that you’ve been inundated with countless emails, a lot of them answering the same questions or telling one junk hauling company at a time, the other guy said he’d do it for $150. 1 minute later, well i just had a guy email me and said he’d do it for $125. Don’t forget, are you loading the bricks or am I? And the long email exchanges of price war continues. 

Craigslist Vs. Garbage Market

We’ll use the same project in the example above. “I need a pile of bricks hauled away”. Just like craigslist when you log onto this is where the magic happens! You will start by listing your project “I need a pile of bricks hauled away”. After that your junk removal gig will be instantly placed into the Garbage Market. Instead of receiving emails from every hauler with a pickup truck, your gig will start getting bids from all of your local junk removal guys looking for work. No need to let a hauler know you’ve just got a bid for $150 to haul your junk away. All of the haulers can see what has been bid on your junk removal gig. You will receive an email alert every time you get a bid on your gig. The only thing you have to do is select “CHOOSE A WINNER” when you get the price or service that fits your budget. Your junk removal gig will be instantly sent to the hauler you’ve selected. After the hauler has come to your home or business and has loaded up your junk or debris pay the hauler anyway you’d like cash, credit, etc… Rather than having to edit your craigslist labor gigs post or email each individual junk hauler if plans change or you have any additional information. just simply post a message on your personal project board for all to see. 

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