Carpet removal and disposal

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Need Carpet removal and disposal?

Getting rid of carpet from a small room or an entire building full of carpet is easy and cost efficient at Garbage Market.carpet removal and disposal

Carpet recycling and disposal

Did you know your carpet in some cases can be recycled instead of taken to the dump? Some carpets are made with a significant amount of plastics that can re-purposed or recycled. Some haulers may choose recycling as the primary method to getting rid of your carpet as this is usually a cheaper method of disposal as well as a greener one. If you do not want to or are unable to put your carpet out at the curb or into your dumpster there are several carpet haulers in your city ready to pick up and dispose of any amount of carpet you need to get rid of.

How to get the garbageman to take your carpet?

In some municipalities the local garbage company will haul away your old carpet if you set carpeting out to these specifications:

  • (bundled in lengths of 4 feet by 2′ and weigh no more than 40 pounds)

How much will it cost to get rid of old carpet?

There are a few factors that will determine the price a hauler will charge to haul away your old carpet.

  • Amount of carpet (approximate square footage)
  • Is the carpet bundled or loose?
  • Does the carpet need removed first or is it outside?

The best part about posting your carpet removal needs on Garbage Market is that you not limited to one haulers price. After you post how much carpet you need hauled away and a picture of how much carpet if possible your needs will be instantly sent to several local carpet haulers in your area that will send you a personalized bid to haul away your carpet.

What carpet hauler should you choose?

Garbage market junk removal bid prices

There is absolutely no obligation to choose a hauler to for your carpet disposal needs. If you get a price that fits your budget your free to choose, send messages or check the haulers ratings.

How do I pay the hauler if I choose one?

If you choose a hauler your job will be immediately sent to the hauler of your choice and you will also have access to the haulers phone number to contact for specifics along with having a predetermined bid to haul away your carpet. You can pay the hauler in person with cash, credit or any other payment options accepted by the hauler when the job is complete.

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