How to get the garbage man to take your extras.

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Often times someone needs to get rid of more than normal or more often times, more garbage than your service allows. For example, you just had a cookout and your cities waste removal contract states each house is allowed 3 bags or 3 can pick up. Well when garbage day comes you find yourself with 3 full cans and 10 extra bags. Simply setting the extras out at the curb will not entice most garbage men to pick up the extras.

Here are a few ways that the garbage man will however most likely take your extra trash.


  • CASH– Nothing beats cold hard cash to get a few extras hauled away on garbage day.A safe bet depending on the amount of overage is $5-$10 dollars or the reasonable cost of lunch.
  • Gift card- Simply setting out a gift card to a local restaurant or even the local gas station is usually enough to handle the trash as well. However a gift card that is set out with no cash available on it ( yes, this happens!) will definitely put you on the garbage mans radar and no extras will ever be taken again.
  • Snack / Soda– Now this is where is gets tricky. Simply setting out some cheese crackers and a generic soda may not got the job done. Usually if someone is trying to warm up the garbage man with crackers and a soda this should almost always be accompanied by the person trying to get the extra trash hauled away to be there also helping and a simple thank you.

These are a few ways you will never get your garbage man to take your extras trash.

  • Over limit– Just setting out all the extra trash along with your regular trash will most certainly get your extras to get left curbside on garbage day. Depending on your garbage man you may get lucky a time or two and get the extra trash tossed however this is not the normal.
  • Dispersing– This is a trick that is commonly used. Taking the extra trash and dispersing it through out the neighborhood at customers houses that do not have there weekly trash limit. This method is usually pretty easy to catch, especially when the garbage man goes to your house to dump the cans with the white bags and red draw strings and then goes to the neighbors and dumps there black bags with a few inconspicuous white bags with red draw strings sitting there. This option if chosen will most certainly get you put on the garbage mans radar for quite a while.
  • Hiding- Assuming you are not over limit but are trying to dispose of a prohibited item, hiding it in the middle of the trash can is a no go. When the garbage man empties the can the prohibited item will easily be discovered.

Respect the garbage man.

Remember we all have a job to do and the garbage mans is no different. A good way to think about getting rid of extras is imagining the garbage man coming into your place of employment and trying to get a little extra service or worse yet trying to scam it out of you. A kind gesture and small token of appreciation goes a long way.



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