What Junk Removal Company Should I Choose?

What junk removal company should you choose?

The price can vary greatly when choosing junk removal companies both local and nationwide. This is exactly why Garbage Market was created. Imagine being able to visit one place and get prices from all of your local junk removal companies. Best of all you get to pick the junk removal price and company that best suits your needs. Garbage Market is like an UBER for junk removal.

Click picture below to see an example of junk removal prices. If you get a price that fits your budget simply choose winner. You pick the best price!

example of junk removal bids

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What Do Junk Removal Companies Pick-Up?

Junk Removal companies pick up and do a variety of tasks and unlike traditional waste removal companies the junk or debris doesn’t need to be set out at the curb on trash day. Here are some common junk removal jobs you might be looking to hire someone for:

construction debris removal prices

Yard waste removal prices

old appliance disposal prices

bulky item pick up prices

Garage clean out prices

rubbish removal prices

Many other junk removal prices….

How Do I Get Junk Removal Prices On Garbage Market?

Simple, just click Get Hauler Prices and you’ll get junk removal prices from all of your local junk removal companies. GarbageMarket.com gas has also created an easy how to video if you need assistance. So what are you waiting for…? If your ready to get junk removal prices in the free market list your junk removal needs today. When you need junk removal prices think GarbageMarket.com

Current national junk removal prices from haulers

How do you know who is the best and or cheapest junk removal hauler? you don’t! Many claim to be the best or the cheapest, however by going to Garbage Market and listing our junk removal needs you’ll always get rock bottom prices as well as reviews as your junk removal projects are put into the free market.






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Major Cities Using Garbage Market for Junk Removal Prices

Toledo Chicago Cleveland Detroit Columbus Phoenix Dayton Cincinnati New York Los Angeles Chicago Houston Philadelphia Phoenix San Antonio San Diego Dallas San Jose Austin Jacksonville Indianapolis San Francisco Columbus Fort Worth Charlotte Detroit El Paso Memphis Boston Seattle Denver Washington D.C. Nashville-Davidson Baltimore Louisville Portland Oklahoma City Milwaukee Las Vegas Albuquerque Tucson Fresno Sacramento Long Beach Kansas City Mesa Virginia Beach Atlanta Colorado Springs Raleigh Omaha Miami Oakland Tulsa Minneapolis Cleveland Wichita Arlington New Orleans Bakersfield Tampa Honolulu Anaheim Aurora Santa Ana St. Louis Riverside Corpus Christi Pittsburgh Lexington Anchorage Stockton Cincinnati St. Paul Toledo Newark Greensboro Plano Henderson Lincoln Buffalo Fort Wayne Jersey City Chula Vista Orlando St. Petersburg Norfolk Chandler Laredo Madison Durham Lubbock Winston-Salem Garland Glendale Hialeah Reno Baton Rouge Irvine Chesapeake Irving Scottsdale North Las Vegas Fremont Gilbert San Bernardino Boise Birmingham

How To Get Rid Of Your Junk?

What is junk removal?

Junk removal is commonly referred to as rubbish removal. Junk removal businesses are 99.9% full service junk removal companies. This means that the customer does not load up the junk like they would if they rented a dumpster. Rubbish does not have to be bagged up and it includes anything that needs to be hauled away.

How much does junk removal cost?

Something  to consider when getting junk removal prices:

  • you’re not just paying to get your rubbish picked up. You’re also paying to have it legally hauled away to an approved landfill or recycling facility.

That being said, junk removal companies usually have a few different ways in which they calculate how much to charge the customer to haul their junk away.

  1. How much of the truck gets filled up.
  2. Hourly plus dumping fees
  3. By the job.

Which option is best for you?

If you think like we think at GarbageMarket you’re choosing option #3. We don’t like added fees or getting charged by the hour. So when you have a request such as this:

“Who’s the guy that hauls junk out of your basement and takes it away? I’m wondering how much it will cost to get rid of a tube tv (in 2 pieces, long story) and a ping pong table top. Thanks”

You don’t need to wonder how many hours it’ll take to get hauled away or what additional hauling fees will be added. Oh yeah, no minimum charge either. You just want a simple all inclusive price for a simple but necessary hauling job. That’s exactly what you’ll get if you post your junk removal needs on GarbageMarket. You’ll get several local bids to haul away your junk. It’s absolutely free and you don’t have to choose any price if you don’t want to.

So the next time you think how much is junk removal service going to cost me, think GarbageMarket.com

Get your personalized junk removal price list.

We’re serious, it’s your own personal junk removal price list.

junk removal price list

Free junk removal? Yes please!

So obviously getting your junk hauled away for free is a major win. If you want your junk to disappear without paying a dime here’s a few tips:

  • Create some value.

Sure it’s just an old couch or a broken down wood deck you need hauled away. But it helps to think of this as “Free couch for haul. Perfect for college student” or “Free wooden deck. Still a lot of straight wood, steps in great condition as well.”

If you want to start the free junk removal process a few places great for posting free stuff is

You could also try your local waste removal company. Sometimes for a small fee your garbageman will haul it away. Down side, it needs to be at the curb. And as a last ditch attempt just ask your garbageman if you see them. You’d be surprised what a decent  tip can get you!

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