Should you tip your garbage man for the holidays?

If you’re wondering if you should tip the garbage man for Christmas and how much to tip, read this.

Tipping the garbage man for Christmas could net you great results and respect for the year. Not only is your garbage man most likely going to start bringing your garbage cans back up to the house for a while,you may even get your extras taken more often.

How much should you tip the garbage man for Christmas?

If you plan on leaving cash as your tip method for Christmas $20 is a fair safe bet. Gift cards to a local restaurant are also a great choice. If you are really feeling the Christmas spirit put that $20 into a Christmas card (most people do).

What should you write in the Christmas card to your garbage man?

Most people simply write ” Thank you for the awesome job picking up our neighborhood this year Sincerely, The Smith Family” feel free to address the card to “Our Garbage Man”. Some people however like to address it to ” The sanitation engineer”. I assure you garbage man is just fine.


Crazy tips to the garbage man for Christmas.

Some of the best tips I’ve heard from garbage men over the holidays include some awesome and some even more awesome gifts. For starters imagine you’re the garbage man and as you pull up to your customers house a gentleman hands you a card. He tells you to go ahead and open it, and to your surprise two round trip airline tickets any where in the United States! Yes it’s happened, however the customer was an airline pilot ?. How about an IPad and if that’s not enough throw some red wing boots in with it; haha, yes another true story. So don’t be a scrooge to your garbage man this year for the holidays. Weather your able to set a card out and a $20 bill or airline tickets to anywhere in the US your garbage man is sure to keep your house in mind the rest of the year.

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